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If homeownership is your dream in 2018, give me a call today (916) 837-2701 CA BRE 01890521  Take a look at the latest Market News!

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Homeownership is Priority #1 for 2016-17



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RE Website  The Real Nightmare on Your Street –  Many of you own homes and take the time and care to pay your mortgage or rent on time.  Make sure you are not a victim to those trying to do you harm! demetrias-home-1240-arcade

As you live day to day paying your bills, how on earth can someone sell your home from under you?  Believe me it has happened especially if you are renting a home and don’t pay attention to the things going on around you.  True story and even more reason for you to check to see the status of your property.  Your local real estate agent can give you peace of mind and assist you with their team of mortgage consultants, title officers and the good old County Recorder’s or the Assessor’s office.   All of a sudden you receive a note on the door after a Trustee Sale that your home has been sold from underneath you.  This is a tragic situation and it can easily be avoided.

Remember gas meters, electric meters and parcel maps don’t change and knowing this information matches your property record is important.  Make sure it is accurate!  If there are some discrepancies, don’t ignore it!  Get it fixed immediately!

If you suspect something unusual listen to your instincts and take a trip to the local County Assessor or Recorders office and ask for a printout of the tax record for your home or rental home address.  This information is public and inexpensive.  Check your records at least once a year to make sure there is nothing unusual happening with your property.  Just like you check your credit report annually make a point to check your property record annually as well.  There is a lot of property theft and identity theft occurring.  Make sure you are not a victim and remain informed!  Your tools are available and accessible.  Please use them and if you have any questions call Daphne M Harris CA BRE 01890521 (916) 837-2701 or visit http://www.cahomesbydaphne.com.  In some cases, you may require legal advice or support from law enforcement.  STAY INFORMED AND DON’T BECOME A VICTIM!!!

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To Him Be the Glory! Ask Your Realtor About Your Options – There Are Many!!

RE Website Never Assume You Are Unable to Make Plans to Move to the Next Phase in Life!  Just because you experience a setback – Be BOLD and take the next steps to HOMEOWNERSHIP!

We can take any home in any condition and make it exactly as you picture it in a short amount of time with minimal expense.  Ask us how our team comes in and changes your home from the before shot to the after shot.  All this in a one stop shop with CA Homes by Daphne.  Let me find your next home and change it into your dream location!  Call Daphne M Harris CA BRE 01890521 (916) 837-2701 or visit our website http://www.cahomesbydaphne.com

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Staying Relevant: A Renaissance Woman Speaking to the Next Generation

Register Today by sending an e-mail to daphne@cahomesbydaphne.com

Register Today by sending an e-mail to daphne@cahomesbydaphne.com

Sitting here thinking about the conversation with my nephew about a popular recording app used by our youth.  He participated with an organization that takes young people to the Capitol to give them an understanding on how our Senate and Assembly function.  He was so excited and recorded the day so we could see what he experienced.  Fast forward 24 hours and I now have the time to review the video and share his experiences and the response was the video was removed from the app.  Now his natural response was that’s how it works.  However as a Renaissance Woman and voice to our young people this response bothered me.  It perpetuates why our youth are becoming accustom to an instant gratification mentality and if you don’t act now your information or importance shall be removed.  This explains why our youth are having a difficult time applying and keeping a job, because we have not trained them that hard work pays off or the it takes time to bear fruit when you plant a seed.  These concepts are foreign to today’s youth.

They are used to if it doesn’t happen in the immediate timeframe of 24-hours it is no longer relevant!  I say as a Renaissance Woman, if we don’t get a handle on this mentality we will have an absolute lost generation.  I can appreciate their desire to live in the moment because more of us need to understand tomorrow is not promised to make the most of today!  However I want our best and brightest youth to understand they need to KNOW FROM WHENCE THEY COME in order to take advantage of KNOWING WHERE THEY ARE GOING.  They must also develop a relationship with their CREATOR.  I know a few of you just turned me off or tuned me out, but I challenge you to understand the basic function of breathing, which is involuntary.  The CREATOR designed us in this way in order to have a reciprocal relationship.  We must give out carbon monoxide to receive oxygen.  We did not design our manual the CREATOR did and we must understand it in order to exist.

Well the designer of social media and the video app industry have designed their products to make an indention on our youth and if we are not careful we will lose a generation to instant gratification with no hard work ethic.  The other thing that bothers me is the leasing of life that is being presented to our Youth as if it is normal.  I challenge you to develop an owner’s mentality.  As parents take the time to train up a child in the way they should go!  Start today by teaching them the value of ownership.  Beginning with the home!  This article is the beginning of a Series entitled STAYING RELEVANT:  A Message from a Renaissance Woman to our Youth!  I am blessed to walk in both worlds with a full understanding of the internet and social media and the technology behind it.  I am also blessed to understand that nothing new has been created under the sun.  I am going to use these articles to bridge a generation and to train up Homeowners and continue to help others develop an OWNER’S MENTALITY!  Tune in to our next article on March 27, 2016.  We will begin every week with a new message from a Renaissance Woman…. Until next week be blessed and determined to make a difference!!!  I challenge you to set your mind now and provide a praise report next week!!!!

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Vote Every Voice Matters




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Veterans & Medical Professionals Homeowners Workshop

Join us December 11, 2015 @ 4:30pm! Call Daphne M Harris CA BRE 01890521 (916) 837-2701 for more details!


Homeownership is our #1 Priority

Homeownership is our #1 Priority

Homeownership is our #1 Priority and we look forward to sharing information that will help you to set your plans in motion for the New Year!  Don’t miss this value session and you will have a chance to meet one-on-one with professionals in the industry!

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Homeowners Workshop – Veterans and Medical Professionals

Sacramento Heroes

Homeowners Workshop – Veterans & Medical Professional – November 20, 2015 & December 11, 2015 @ 4:30 – 6:30pm – 9250 Laguna Springs Drive, Suite 100, Elk Grove, CA 95758 


Join us on Friday Night, November 20, 2015 at 4:30 – 6:30pm to learn more about purchasing a home with your VA benefits.  We will spend the afternoon going over housing information specific to Veterans and Medical Professional.  If you are interested in registering contact CA Homes By Daphne Daphne M Harris CA BRE 01890521 http://www.cahomesbydaphne.com (916) 837-2701.  We will continue the evening after 7pm by going over to BJ’s Restaurant for some specials offers to those who attend the workshop!  Looking forward to seeing you on Friday Night!!!


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